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Pakistani business community, keeping in view the high demand of Pakistani mangoes in the Chinese market, is planning to export up to 3,000 tons of mangoes to China from next year, Roshan Enterprises Chairman Khalid Ejaz Qureshi said on Thursday. “We have received a positive response from China about Pakistani mangoes and as a result, we are planning to export 2,000 to 3,000 tons mangoes to the huge Chinese market from next year,” he stated.

He said mango exports will depend on air logistics charges and support of other concerned departments, adding that fares are being negotiated with an airline.

Updating on the current status of mango exports, he said that Middle East, Europe, the US and Hong Kong are major destinations being served by Pakistani producers.

“Pakistani mangoes have more than 400 varieties and are considered one of the best in the world,” Qureshi claimed, adding that “the most popular commercial varieties are different in colour and sizes and have distinct flavour and taste.”

Mangoes are considered the ‘king of fruits’ in Pakistan. They are heavily grown in Punjab and Sindh provinces and are abundantly available in most parts of the country between May and September.

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