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A British-Pakistani surgeon, credited with saving tens of thousands of lives worldwide through his revolutionary innovation, has announced to renovate the Nishtar Medical College in Multan by spending an estimated £15 million.

Luton-based qualified human anesthesiologist Dr Mohammed Aslam Nasir is known widely in medical circles for the invention of supraglottic airway device called I-gel which is now used in almost every hospital and ambulance in the UK and in over 90 countries of the world.

Dr Aslam Nasir’s device is widely used in anaesthesia and resuscitation across the world and it’s credited with saving tens of thousands of lives so far. The device makes it very easy for the patients to breathe while they are unconscious as the gel-made device is easy to insert and doesn’t cause volatility and injuries in any part of the mouth or throat.

Speaking to this correspondent, Dr Aslam Nasir credits his education in Pakistan for his current international success and wants to pay back to his motherland.

Dr Nasir says he is already in touch with fellow doctors and friends and has started raising money. He said that overseas Pakistani doctors are heavily involved in efforts to help patients in Pakistan through various means and regularly send machinery and medicine to help some of the most deserving but “more needs to be done”.


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