We talk business-to-business but here’s another great example how education can make The Change happen! And that’s why we bring the “NPBS Society Talks” to NPBS venue, too.

A very touching Dawn Story.

Access to quality education can transform lives. An organisation that dedicatedly understands this is The Citizens Foundation (TCF) — a non-profit focused on education in Pakistan.

Hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, students from TCF strive for excellence and have went on to become successful educationists, entrepreneurs, doctors and artists. Here, we look at the inspirational journeys of some TCF students and alumni.

Basharat’s father would tell him that, “Education is the light of God.” With his father as a motivator, the 19-year-old has fought for this light to shine upon his world despite the many odds that stand against him. Even after losing both his legs in a tragic accident, his determination to succeed has remained intact.

It was his positive attitude that led him to enroll in a TCF school nearby.

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Once in school, Basharat knew no matter what the nature of his disability, he would never let it hinder him from his dream of becoming an engineer, and being independent in every aspect of his life, be it physiological, social or financial.

Basharat believes that the worst disability that one can suffer from is an uneducated life.
Basharat believes that the worst disability that one can suffer from is an uneducated life.

With some financial support from his father, Basharat manages the remaining cost of his own education by taking up part-time jobs that cover the expenses of textbooks and the special transport required to get to and from school.

Basharat believes that the worst disability that one can suffer from is that of an uneducated life and a bleak future. He hopes to spread the light of literacy that has transformed his own life, to other differently-abled individuals all over the country.

Zakia grew up in a community where watching young infants and children falling victim to disease and succumbing to its torture was not an uncommon story. What hurt Zakia most was the knowledge that many of these diseases could be cured with easy treatment.

Unfortunately, access to adequate treatment seemed like mere wishful thinking in her neighbourhood. This is where Zaikia decided to become part of the solution — she wanted to become a doctor and heal her community. The first step to realising this dream was her enrolment at TCF….

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