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FAISALABAD (INP): Promotion of bilateral trade and economic ties between Pakistan and Finland stands high on my agenda. In this connection, Pak-Finland Business Summit is being arranged in near future, said Rauli Suikkanen, Ambassador of Finland to Pakistan. He was addressing to the members of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) here Tuesday.

He said that Finland Embassy in Pakistan was closed due to financial constraints in Oct, 2012. However, I am performing my diplomatic duties as Roving Ambassador. He said that it is my third visit to Pakistan but it is for the first time I am visiting Faisalabad. He said that ultimate objective of his visit is to promote bilateral trade ties in addition to promotion of cultural activities. He particularly mentioned a recently signed MOU between the Museum Associations of both the countries who were collaborating for this specific field. The Ambassador said that GDP growth rate of Pakistan 3.6 percent last year was appreciable and beyond our expectation and Pakistan is now on the right path to progress in all spheres of life.
The Ambassador said that Finland is also making efforts to play its role in the development of Pakistan with enhanced investment by Finnish companies. He said that two companies are conducing market survey and expected to set up viable industries in Karachi and Lahore.
Regarding appointment of Honorary Consul General in Faisalabad he said that currently two Honorary Consul Generals are working in Karachi and Lahore.; the third is expected to be appointed in Islamabad and then we would think to appoint of another Honorary Consul General in Faisalabad.
Earlier in his welcome address, President FCCI Engr. Suhail Bin Rashid, said we welcome the eagerness of Finish Government to strengthen the cultural ties and newly established cooperation linking Finnish and Pakistani Museum Associations where Faisalabad’s Lyallpur Museum has a key player in the Program.

He said in fiscal year 2012 bilateral trade stood at US $ 141.2 million almost in favor of both countries as Pakistan exported US $ 71.23 million worth of goods to Finland, while imports stood at US $ 69.97 million.
He said that ample opportunities of joint ventures exist between the two countries. Finnish corporations can invest in Pakistan while expanding their businesses across Pakistan and beyond.