Based on my experience Pakistan’s growth story has characteristics, which distinguish it in a positive way from the other South Asian emerging economies.

The country has an expanding middle class, which is more geared to consumerism than the other South Asian countries. In addition to this, Pakistani consumers are already historically used to imported brands & products and are open to new products and innovations.

As an example, foreign companies investing in Pakistan to tap into fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector have been experiencing solid growth rates and considerably less competition than in neighboring India. This same trend of weaker domestic competition applies to several other sectors as well.

In terms of Doing Business Pakistan is currently one of the leading South Asian countries. In my own experience I am very positively surprised about the lack of bureaucracy and small amount of permits needed to operate a large scale plant in Pakistan.

I am confident that Finnish companies have a lot to offer in terms of their products and expertise in the Pakistani market. Looking forward to our meeting and discussions in Islamabad – Welcome to join us to Pakistan for Business!

Best regards,

Mr. Matti Naakka
Member of the Finland-Pakistan Business Summit Organizing Team