EUROPE pakistan Business Summit 2017


After three very successful events hosted by our team in 2014-2016 in Pakistan we are making the year of 2017 the biggest ever business promotion introducing the opportunities in Pakistan and with Pakistani companies! The year began with Nordic Pakistan Business Summit Helsinki Edition in Finland in January 2017 and now it’s time for another big step again: Europe Pakistan Business Summit 2017 high-lightning the 70 Years of Independence of Pakistan also in business and trade!

We bring the platform for effective B2B talks and meetings, companies do business!



The final agenda is updated regularly as we get closer to the event. However, one thing is already guaranteed and that is professional match-making enabling the participating companies to meet exactly the right companies from each country.

Just after you have registered your company to EPBS we shall start to match-make your company, business sector and other requirements so you will certainly meet the right people and companies at EPBS 2017!

And please remember that you can – and you should – also invite your own customers to meet you at EPBS event! And please read below more how to prepare to use the EPBS platform for your own business.

And please scroll down for some Best Practices of 2014-2017: some tips from our delegates for a maximum results!


In 2014 we started our adventure of Pakistan Business Summits with the first Finland-Pakistan Business Summit. Two years and two events later it was time to expand to Nordic Pakistan Business Summit and further after two events we knew it: it’s time for the next step – Europe Pakistan Business Summit. From Finland to Nordic and further to Europe – EPBS is really supporting networking for new business and that’s why we take the leading business owners, SMEs, industries, top managers and experts from the whole Europe and Pakistan to meet, network and negotiate for new business and trade.

Our track record of these business promotional events is pretty significiant and after over 550 people from over 260 companies we can promise that the EPBS works for your business. Welcome to join us!


Answer is pretty simple: everyone who is looking for new business and growing exports or trade! We know that there is so much more to be done in terms of trade between Pakistan and Europe. There is growth and new business available on both sides of the field.

The EPBS is tailored by delegates and the final setup is always following the background and wishes of the participating companies. We would welcome companies representing any of the following sectors to join us: Energy sector, CleanTech, Environmental Technology (Water, Waste, Sanitation), Disaster Management and Technology, whole Educational Sector, Healthcare and medical industries, R&D, Food and Food Production, retail, IT and ICT (high-tech, software, hardware development, outsourcing, telecommunication, services, Engineering Industries, Textile (manufacturing, outsourcing), Trade, Funding, Financing, Banking, Start-ups, infrastructure and Urban Development operators. Please contact us for any additional details.


EPBS is for business and for business only. Business Summit takes the real business decision makers to meet other companies for networking, new business and growing trade. If you want to enjoy some additional visibility with us please don’t hesitate to contact us for additional details. We have ready Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsor packages ready for you and we are happy to build the best tailored solution to support your own business goals.

EPBS is also absolutely the most perfect opportunity to invite your existing customers to meet you at this very business driven event. Europe Pakistan Business Event is a perfect venue to meet for business! Please contact us if you need any additional information or ideas how to host your customers at EPBS!

AGENDA OF Europe pakistan business summit 2017

Please note that the event is rescheduled to late October – read more here!

Main event in late October 2017, Pakistan
The Agenda of EPBS 2017 is updated continuously and the final detailed agenda is shared with registered delegates prior the event.

EPBS 2017 – Main Event

09:00   Registration and Coffee for Networking
10:00 – 10:30   Official Opening of the EPBS and Opening Remarks by the Chief Guests
10:30 – 12:00   EPBS 2017 with Brief 5-10 minutes Presentations about Business and Industry Sectors and Business Opportunities.
12:00 – 13:30   Networking Lunch – the Starting Point for Your New Business!
13:30 – 16:30   EPBS 2017 Business Talks & Meetings. This is all for business talks and meetings, presentations and match-making

Side-event for Society Talks! Please note that simultaneously with the B2B meetings we are running the  “EPBS 2017 Society Talks”, this time for Women Entrepreneurship and Education (details published shortly). “EPBS 2017 Society Talks” is produced in cooperation with University of Management and Technology and Circle Women.

Closing the Main Event day with Official EPBS 2017 Reception: 

19:00 – 21:00   Official EPBS 2017 Reception too delegates and VIPs.

EPBS 2017 – B2B day, following day.

Special program with company visits, meetings, tours etc.

Please remember!
Days around the Main Event are good opportunities for company any meetings and visits in Lahore but also Islamabad and Karachi are possible if you have any companies or clients you want to meet. Please contact us if you have any inquiries or you need help with your additional plans of meetings or visits.



After four very successful events and hours of talks with over 260 participated companies we have plenty of examples and best practices for companies preparing themselves to EPBS. Business Summit is a platform enabling networking, talks and new business but you need to prepare yourself for maximum results:

1. Do Your Homework: Make a list of industries, business sector or companies you would like to meet during the Summit. Google the market, analyse data, contact your own Embassy or Honorary Consuls in Pakistan. And if you can’t find something please do not hesitate to contact the EPBS Office for any help or support. And most of all, who do you want to meet and why? Just let us know and we’ll help you further.

2. Invite Your Customers: Go through your own customer database or any earlier contacts you have had or emails you received from potential new customers. Make sure your customer will head to EPBS to meet you! We give you meeting rooms when required to run your own meetings during the Summit.

3. Prepare Your Materials and Offer: Make sure that you have materials ready and with you at the Summit and think what you are actually looking for. New business, more business, new partners, distributor, suppliers, agent? Clearer message, better results. And keep changing business cards!

4. Use Summit to Promote You and Your Company: Summit offers a great opportunity to promote your company for new business and new customers. In addition to normal visibility we can also offer your various opportunities for sponsoring and also limited amount of own booths or stands. Please contact us for details.

5. And finally, the golden rule #1: Be Active! And start it now. Start to collect details and build your own Summit package based on the things above. Meet people at the Summit, talk, change business cards, be active. Many of the Pakistani companies are multi-business corporation, something the European companies used to be so talk and meet because you never know what is waiting for you behind the corner.


Summit is all private business event, planned and organised as non-profit trade promotion event by private companies in cooperation with the local Pakistan Business Councils around the Europe. The EPBS is developed and owned by Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC), established in 1985, one of the oldest still operating Pakistan related business councils in the world.

Welcome to the join the biggest set of events ever promoting business between European and Pakistani companies!