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We started from a scratch with just one crazy idea: how to get companies to browse and realise the potential of Pakistani market? Over the years we faced so many foreign companies in Pakistan but absolutely too few from Europe. As always in business, you can keep just wondering or do something. We decided to make the change to happen! There were obviously many around us who kept saying this is all impossible but we didn’t give up. Nowdays we can proudly say that we made it.

And we sure did it. Already four times, first with Finnish companies only, next Nordic and now we’re welcoming the European companies to join us. Over 550 people have joined us already since 2014 and there are definitely more to come! 

Summit is for business!


Summit is not about talks and presentations, Summit means business! New deals, new contacts, new relations. That is why we keeping hosting these events. To offer a platform for business, that’s what it is! A platform where companies do business together: when you need it we shall provide professional match-making for you, pre-schedule meetings, browse the market data you need and whatever you might need to make your new business actions as smooth and productive as possible. You can and should also invite all your existing and potential clients to meet you at the Summit for talks and presentations. You can also run your own sales meetings or mini-shows or even small exhibition during the Summit. And we can share a secret: companies participating the four ones so far have actually signed deals with their new clients during the Summit days. We know it works for new business!

The summit is all private, planned and organised by private business people and companies in cooperation with the Pakistan Business Councils locally. The event and all trademarks are owned by the Finland Pakistan Business Council, established originally already in 1985, one of the oldest Pakistan Business Councils in the Nordic region and actually one of the oldest ones still operating in the whole Europe. World has changed in many ways over the decades but the need for new international trade is certainly there and that’s why the concept of Business Summit was created. We have been developing the Summit with four very succesfull events and now it’s time to welcome the European companies join us to Pakistan this fall.

Look forward seeing you soon with us for new business! Please contact the EPBS Teams in Europe and Pakistan ready to help you with any questions related to Europe-Pakistan business and growing trade!

Best regards,


The EPBS HQ team


Europe Pakistan Business Summit is all private event, produced and hosted by the private companies and organisations. We all come from business, representing several industries and generations of experience of trade, investments and business. We know how to host the most successful and productive B2B events for networking and concrete business and that’s what Europe Pakistan Business Summit is all about.

We have own dedicated teams to handle all inquiries across the European and Pakistan market so please contact us for  any additional questions about the Europe Pakistan Business Summit. Please look here for the contact details and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!


Additionally you can always contact our Chairmen in both regions for any details:

Wille Eerola

Chairman EPBS, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan to Finland

Tel. +358 40 531 6720



Hassan Raza

Co-Chairman EPBS, Pakistan

+92 323 5101050