A Express Tribune Article:

Key stakeholders of the renewable energy sector have recommended the government to announce a long-term policy framework without any cut-off dates and interim sudden policy changes as these send a negative signal to investors.

Minister for Power Division Omar Ayub Khan inaugurated a workshop on renewable energy and said the dependence on renewable energy was increasing and Pakistan would not remain competitive by producing expensive electricity.

He said no analysis had been made to analyse the electricity demand. The NTDC system was facing several constraints and tubewells would have to be switched over to solar energy, he said, adding the government was depending on indigenous resources to reduce the basket price of electricity.

The government was working on the energy policy framework to meet consumer requirements and was also analysing the demand for electricity to frame short and long-term policies, the minister added.

Replying to a question about the possibility of increasing electricity prices on IMF’s demand, he said the government was in consultation with the lender.

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