A ProPakistani Article.


Pakistan has been ranked as most affordable market in the world for ICT services, noted Global Information Technology Report 2016, published by Word Economic Forum.

“Pakistan is the market with the lowest price points”, noted the report that measured network readiness index of 139 global markets.

Report said that while these affordability indicators are measured in terms of prices associated with the usage of ICT service and the prices that poses the entry barrier for the masses, they are not in any way associated with quality adjusted prices.

Here are other rankings for Pakistan for various indicators in “Network Readiness Index”

  • Over All Network Readiness Index
    • 2016 Ranking: 110
    • 2015 Ranking: 112
  • Political and Regulatory Environment: 128
  • Business and Innovation Environment: 98
  • Infrastructure: 126
  • Affordability: 1
  • Skills: 127
  • Individual Usage: 123
  • Business Usage: 101
  • Government Usage: 103
  • Economic Impacts: 105
  • Social Impacts: 106

While Pakistan’s overall rank increased by 2 points for “Network Readiness Index”, clearly it is lacking behind in almost all indicators other than affordability, where it ranked at top.

Pakistan is ranked dangerously low for “Political and Regulatory Environment”, “Skills” and “Infrastructure”. Individual usage of ICT services is also low where Pakistan was ranked at 123rd position globally.


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